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Life and Death, Souls and Philosophy.
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This Community is for anyone who feels like discussing anything on an intellectual level. Mainly souls, and life and death. Spirits and hauntings, but also anything as far off as ADHD, or Synaesthesis.

In creating this community, I was hoping to have people open up about their experiences, what they have come to realize makes them the way they are, who they are, why they are, what makes them tick. I've heard, in my time, some very cool stories.

By souls, what I mean is, what you think a soul is, what you think YOUR soul is, where do souls come from. I want to hear and disscuss as many theories as possible. Honestly, no matter how 'whacked out' you think your theory might be, if you have ANYTHING other than faith to back it up, it's a million times more feasible than most things I've heard.

I enjoy bible talk, I've never actually read the bible, much of the torah, or the coran, or anything actually (unfortunately) but I admit that I have great respect for people who have looked deeply into archaic literature and found peace. I await to be edified by those wiser than myself. (ding ding, not a hard thing to do)

I encourage:
-humour, as long as it is not at the expense of any unwilling participants.
-participation, because I love input
-getting along, I truly hope there are never any enemies here.
-learning, I can't get enough of it, myself.
-laughing, it's fun.
-using appropriate language (which DOESNT mean NO swearing, it means, swear when appropriate. Gotta cater to the venue, kittens)
-more stuff to be added later

I discourage:
-hate, bigotry, racism, intended offense, hurtfulness, or otherwise rude behaviour.
-arguing defiantly without backing yourself up. It's fun for smart people for a while, but then they just get bored and frustrated.
-more stuff to add later.

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Yours truly, the moderator.