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Philosophies of everything [entries|friends|calendar]
Life and Death, Souls and Philosophy.

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Sorta philospophical: A koan for you [14 Mar 2000|06:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

[Ixia fronting]

Can one jump sky-high while in space?

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[29 Jun 2006|02:10pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

I express my emotions in rap.

Non-DisposableCollapse )

Copyright Drblueface, June 29, 2006

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Karma [19 Jun 2006|07:43am]

[ mood | tabula rasa ]

I'm in the eye of a karmic hurricane and it's raised a lot of questions for me. For instance: if one's decisions are affected by something beyond one's control, let's say chronic depression, is the same level of punishment afforded to someone who is simply cruel or hard-hearted? I was also getting a notion that perhaps the depression is meant as a means of training the spirit like chi kung masters who run up and down hills with weights tied to their legs. The whole issue makes me question the validity of the standard perceptions of mental health. I think I need to find out who and what I was in my past lives. I never used to put much stock in the idea of karma, but now... Are the rules outlined somewhere? I'd be quite curious to research a bit.

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Life's greatest lesson [14 Jun 2006|01:03pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Your life's greatest lesson. Please share, if you will, what you feel is a most important thing you've learned so far in life?

My own: Understanding to never be entirely objective on any subject, as it is not possible from my own subjective reality. Nothing in my world can be generalized to the point of no exception. In the vastness of this universe, even this has an exception. I'm too mortal to understand, but I live by it.

It would be nice to see some contradicting ones compared, so to have discussion. ^_^

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All the Fate in the World! [27 Apr 2006|03:40pm]

[ mood | fever is back! ]

Been thinking a lot about coincidence and fate, as of recent. As soon as I open my mouth to exclaim just how big the world is, something happens to make me feel like it's really really not so big.

Perhaps it's just my fever baked brain rambling, but I've been having the fate/coincidence debate more and more frequently.

In my local social circle, there were none who didn't lament the closing of the R&R Diner, as decrepit as it was. Frankly, it was a dive. It was OUR dive. So many connections were made there.
One blue haired former employee of that location, I met up with randomly in Ottawa during the summer, in the same days as we met BoyGroove's Jon at the fringe festival.
Another regular to the R&R was discovered by a very close friend of mine, working in the same place. (I have yet to buy his recent published book).
A connection I hadn't made then, I only discovered recently, as another important friend of mine was apparently a frequenter with his other. It blows my mind.

I recently discovered that a person who had made life a discomfort for me has moved on to someone else. Someone I have met a few times, but not yet had the grace to know quite personally. And not met them by means of a social group, either. Met them where they worked at the time. It would seem, though, that they are a very important friend with someone I have the pleasure of getting to know recently.

And it was a couple things that sparked it, this day, that I'd be thinking this... One, that I yesterday gave up my shift to a coworker for tomorrow, because I thought she'd like to have it-only to discover that I'd not be well enough to cover it anyhow. And also... Someone else I know, who once had potential to be a very important friend of mine-randomly knows a very important friend of my cousin's. She discovered this, with mouth agape earlier this day, and asked me if it was the same boy. It was.

I'll say little more about this boy, other than I dodged a huge freaking bullet by not ending up with him. But that's highly irrelevant to my point. My apologies for the vagueness when it comes to naming, but I can't see how it would really matter, to those of you who don't know the people personally. I would be happier to give as much detail as I can privately.

It doesn't sound like much from an outsider, but rest assured, the discovery of tiny thing after tiny thing really adds up. And sure, there are only 500 miles that separate these two connected cities, but that's far more than one could walk in a day. Unless one walked pretty darn fast. I think.

My theory lies in between both coincidence and of fate. I like to believe that everything is already decided, but decided in infite, so that there are still boundless choices where one could take themselves. For every choice, there is a fork in the road. Where your consciousness ends up, in the infinite, I would say has everything to do with which predestiny you choose to walk.

In that, I'd say that there is nothing odd with the ways in which all are connected. It's the fate you walked into, maybe.

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A brief, pleasant how-do-you-do... [02 Apr 2006|09:47pm]

[ mood | bogged down with tasks ]

Hello, all. I haven't much time for introductions this evening, please forgive. This group seems to be just the forum I was looking for. I have a specific issue confusing (and unnerving) me at present, about which I will be posting as soon as my schedule permits (I intend to go into great detail, it may take some time). Following that I will attempt to delight and inspire with an expounding of some of my somewhat convoluted personal philosophies. May my next entry find all of you well and in good spirits.
With all due respect,
Vivian M. Erstwhile

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Feeling Alien. [27 Mar 2006|01:40pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Every community I've been a part of seems like it's in a world of it's own. It only just really hit me yesterday how some of them really don't mesh together very well.

Example; in the pagan/spiritual community, no topic is barred. Some pretty explicit material comes up on a regular basis, and it's mostly taken in fun. Politics, cannibalism, incest and lower GI all in one. I've gotten so used to it that none of it phazes me.

Yesterday at work, a couple silly people came in not actually looking to buy anything. One of them was asking me about myself.

Please note-I have a standard response to whenever people ask me why my life has changed dramatically in any way. The answer is always 'I got better'.

Now... these people asked me if I was jewish, and I said 'not anymore'. And they asked me why... and my answer shot out before I could think about it.

Now, these people didn't seem all too conservative, but I think I may still have offended them inadvertantly.

My point is this; that I had this very strange, odd, wierd feeling. I felt like I was pitted with strange beings that spoke a foreign language, and had meaningless customs that I was expected to participate in. After they left, I kept thinking about it, and facial expressions started running through my brain with no real understanding. For a brief few minutes, I couldn't understand the difference between a grin and flaming rage. Nor why there was a difference.

It's also not as though I don't constantly feel alien anyways. Just now, it stuck out.

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[12 Jan 2006|03:24pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Purpose is a funny concept. You can fight it's existence all you like, but at the end of the day, something is either keeping you going, or it's not. One of the most positive emotions I can think of is that of satisfaction and accomplishment. Both stem from the completion of purpose.

Crimes' foundation, as far as I've been led to believe is motive. Whether that motive is jealousy or anger, or desperation or 'insanity', OR whatever. It's still under that pretty little umbrella of, you guessed it, purpose.

And saying that, same goes for all that which is pleasant in our lives. Some happy things happen by accident, but they're only happy because you've given them a reason to be, aren't they?

Anyhoo, I could go on and on about this, but my point is to ask this question. What keeps you all going?

Is it:
To help?
To build?
To create?
To destroy?
To entertain?
To grow?
To learn?
To evolve?
Because there's something you need to do on earth?
Because you're trapped somewhere you aughtn't be?
Because there's nothing else to do??

Please if you can, explain why. There's no way I could even start to get into the meaning of life right here and now, but I suppose what keeps you to life itself will be a start.

Everyone has their own answer, so I'm expecting different ones.

P.S., you're all allowed to post here whenever you like. As exciting or mundane as you like. Even just to introduce yourselves hinthinthint.

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Gimmegimmegimme! [21 Dec 2005|03:16am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So here's the thing--I need tarot practice for past life stuff, or question stuff, or whatever.

SoooOOOoooOOoOoo, I was wondering who of y'all would like to be a guinnea pig? I promise nothing special, and I hereby disclaim any innaccuracies whilst still I am fresh to the venue. But the offer is here. If you have something in mind, post here with said question.

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Tell me about this GOD character... [12 Dec 2005|05:15pm]

[ mood | interested ]

Curious, what's the definition of a god, to all yous? What's a god supposed to do, look like, why where what when how who why? How many?

Is god allpowerful without uncertainty? Allknowing, omnipresent?

Why do you think it?

What do you believe?

Personally, I don't believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent form. I'm skeptic on it. I believe in spirits, and enlightenment. I believe in ascended powers, and heightened consciousness. I believe in spiritual evolution, and existential purpose. I believe in belief.

I believe in a lot of things, but right now I'm more interested in what you believe.

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Because I'm Bored. [04 Dec 2005|03:13pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hmmm. I had a thought. I have them often. I know it might not look like it, but just trust me. H'oakay. Individual, and group conciousness. Here's the thing. Individuals each have their own concious. But something interesting happens when you have groups of people. They glob together. You put two people in a room for a debate. Two people who are completely opposed to one another and one another's ideas, and they will argue. This is true. Multiply each one of those people by fifty, and you have a war. Unfortunately when you put large groups of people together, even though they have a general consensus about an idea, they will usually lose ninety percent of their brain power, turning the group into a rather mindless blob. And, it's tricky to break away from. A kind of unrelated example would be this. You go see a show on Broadway, or a theatre in any city, really. I digress. The crowd you have there has a huge affect on the performance itself. Because even though each person is sitting intheir individual seat, with their individual thoughts. Those thoughts DO create an energy, and so every in the theatre is absorbing everyone elses energy, and thus, their thoughts. It's completely subconcious. People are like bees. They swarm. They gather in groups. Our planet is like an anthill. Or several anthills. Not all of which agree with each other. When you are at a show, at the end, if someone stands up, another person is going to, and then five more people, and the number of people standing up at a time grows until everyone is standing. There might be the occasional strong-willed person who truly believes the performance was not worht a standing ovation, and they will remain sitting, but it doesn't happen often. Most people easily succumb to the power of a group conciousness.

Now, if groups of people can have a single mind, why not houses, or even neighbourhoods, or cities, even? Well, they probably do. And though you might not be able to hear or find out their opinions on anything, you can be sure that their energy is based on on spiritual imprints of the people who used to live in the house. I know that simply by living here, I am making a mark on this house. It would be impossible for me not to, with the kind of high-strung emotions I've dealt with here. I wonder how the conciousness of this house differs from that of the entire neighbourhood. I'd say not that much, as they feel similar to me.

So. The next time you see five people turn into a hundred, don't be surprised. And don't get anyone of them angry. They'll KILL you.

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Meditation. [15 Nov 2005|02:48pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I read an article in the paper yesterday about how meditators brains' are physically different than the brains of those people who do not meditate.

The study took people trained for years, or at least practicing for years, and an equal number of people who have not habitually been taking time for said excersizes. Studies showed that on average, meditators grey matter had developed to be thicker in vital cognitive and sensory distinguishing areas. The difference was not huge, they said, but big enough to warrant veritable excitement.

Meditating showed to slow mental degradation as the body ages, and to greatly reduce stress. This, in turn lengthens the life of the meditator.

I use da big words so y'all will think I meditate more than I do. O_o

*goes to do yoga*

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How much do you care? Because... that's how much it's worth. [08 Nov 2005|06:10pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Giving it a go...

I posted this in my own journal quite a long time ago, but I don't feel like it was discussed enough.
Thoughts on valueCollapse )

The premise is not so much about eyes, really, though I use them as my example. My philosophy here is more that value is a creation of people, and since no one values anything the same way, or amount (as it's physically/mentally impossible to), it's problematic concept.

My real problem is with bartering, and money. It's necessary, for the survival of society, but it's designed to bring equity in an inequitable fashion.

Granted, I have no feasible solution for this, but the moment I come up with one, I'll let everyone know.

That is all for now.

Sphere out, ~Ro.

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Shortly on Good and Evil. [28 Oct 2005|02:38pm]

[ mood | curious ]

::Disclaimer:: any material posted by any member of this community should not be seen objectively under any circumstances. Any philosophies, agreed upon or not are the opinions and insights of the members who post them. View all material with subjectivity and acceptance, and all shall be fine. Posts designed to be offensive will be destroyed. OBJECTION IS FUTILE!

I maded this icon to show how serious I am! ^__^

There is no such thing as evil, there is no such thing as good.

There is emotional stigma as administered by PEOPLE to people who stray from the current accepted social norms. There are rewards for acting with compassion, as well as punishments for acting with compassion. There are rewards for thievery and murder, and there are punishments.

I personally have absolutely no problem with the idea of manipulation -EXCEPT- if it's myself above the strings. The seat of power is the seat of a fool, I say.


*short circuit*

*falls down dead*

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Selcar made me join! ;) [27 Oct 2005|08:56am]

Hi, I'm Ko, which is short for Komotokomotokomotomo, my chosen name. People call me Ko because my real name is Restricted Information, and because it's the only name that always applies to me.

My philosophies and viewpoints aren't easy to tack down, and are subject to change at any given time as ideas are discovered, evaluated, discarded, rediscovered, reevaluated, embraced, and eventually forgotten.
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First Postie, then. [26 Oct 2005|01:40pm]

[ mood | content ]

Ok, a little about myself. My name is Rachel, but I tend to just go by Ro. Things I like are:

Thinking, philosophizing, robots, love, spirits, spiritualism, friends, friendly behaviour, the IDEA of morality, myth, Spheres(which you will all soon be tired of, I'm sure), and a million other things.

But right now, I want to talk about genetics, souls, and robots. What is a soul to me?

A soul is a type of energy focused into a consciousness, which can, and often DOES inhabit a body sybiotically. For what reason, I can't honestly say, but they do. What is a body, then?

A body is a vessel, or machine, as it were, designed to exist in a material realm, and do something we call 'living'. For millions of years, as we've defined it, life has been saved solely for things biological. The more sentient technology advances, though, the more this is not the case.

Beings such as egregores are built to exist within things that are not animate. Why could a soul not inhabit a mechanism simulating biology?

The body is but hardware, I must say. The shell of the system. What you're programmed with, emotionally, mentally, educationally, is the software. Easier to mess around with, but prone to glitching.

I'll elaborate more on this at a later time if anyone is curious, but for now, signing off,


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