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First Postie, then.

Ok, a little about myself. My name is Rachel, but I tend to just go by Ro. Things I like are:

Thinking, philosophizing, robots, love, spirits, spiritualism, friends, friendly behaviour, the IDEA of morality, myth, Spheres(which you will all soon be tired of, I'm sure), and a million other things.

But right now, I want to talk about genetics, souls, and robots. What is a soul to me?

A soul is a type of energy focused into a consciousness, which can, and often DOES inhabit a body sybiotically. For what reason, I can't honestly say, but they do. What is a body, then?

A body is a vessel, or machine, as it were, designed to exist in a material realm, and do something we call 'living'. For millions of years, as we've defined it, life has been saved solely for things biological. The more sentient technology advances, though, the more this is not the case.

Beings such as egregores are built to exist within things that are not animate. Why could a soul not inhabit a mechanism simulating biology?

The body is but hardware, I must say. The shell of the system. What you're programmed with, emotionally, mentally, educationally, is the software. Easier to mess around with, but prone to glitching.

I'll elaborate more on this at a later time if anyone is curious, but for now, signing off,

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