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I express my emotions in rap.


Didn’t expect such a high voltage shock
to be wound up to crawl, unchecked
as I made my way away wondering why
I didn’t run.
I wish I had run.
I wish I had run away instead of walked.
I’m just publicly candid,
elastic, adaptable.
I’m also incapable
to be non-rejectable.
If something about me
could be completely respectable,
then I’d be definable
to be non-disposable.
I wish I were non-disposable.

And when I dream, I’m singing loud.
Remind myself what smile to visit,
feeling scars ripped open, pain exquisite.
You really can’t be sorry
for the way you enterprise.
You don’t feel what I’m feeling, darling,
don’t apologize.

Slide, alright. They’re getting tired of hearing me whine.
Uselessly sure it’s my fault
we’re this way.
Slide to the right, hide beneath horizon lines.
Hugging my knees and pretending.
Hugging my knees and pretending.

Afraid to be incapacitated,
immobily situated
to not run.
I wish I had run.
I walked away while you waited.
Most nights, intoxicated,
better felt inebriated.
Feeling as though this was fated,
and I can’t fight it.
If something about me
could be correctly stated,
then I wouldn’t rely on a sex life X-rated.
All of our past unargued, unaltercated.
I wish we were unaltercated.

And since I know we cannot be,
remind myself what smiles to visit
you as I feel such pain exquisite.
Don’t look behind you now,
I don’t want you to see my bloodshot eyes.
You’re not the one who’s just been torn,
so don’t apologize.

You’re not non-disposable,
so don’t apologize.

Copyright Drblueface, June 29, 2006
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