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All the Fate in the World!

Been thinking a lot about coincidence and fate, as of recent. As soon as I open my mouth to exclaim just how big the world is, something happens to make me feel like it's really really not so big.

Perhaps it's just my fever baked brain rambling, but I've been having the fate/coincidence debate more and more frequently.

In my local social circle, there were none who didn't lament the closing of the R&R Diner, as decrepit as it was. Frankly, it was a dive. It was OUR dive. So many connections were made there.
One blue haired former employee of that location, I met up with randomly in Ottawa during the summer, in the same days as we met BoyGroove's Jon at the fringe festival.
Another regular to the R&R was discovered by a very close friend of mine, working in the same place. (I have yet to buy his recent published book).
A connection I hadn't made then, I only discovered recently, as another important friend of mine was apparently a frequenter with his other. It blows my mind.

I recently discovered that a person who had made life a discomfort for me has moved on to someone else. Someone I have met a few times, but not yet had the grace to know quite personally. And not met them by means of a social group, either. Met them where they worked at the time. It would seem, though, that they are a very important friend with someone I have the pleasure of getting to know recently.

And it was a couple things that sparked it, this day, that I'd be thinking this... One, that I yesterday gave up my shift to a coworker for tomorrow, because I thought she'd like to have it-only to discover that I'd not be well enough to cover it anyhow. And also... Someone else I know, who once had potential to be a very important friend of mine-randomly knows a very important friend of my cousin's. She discovered this, with mouth agape earlier this day, and asked me if it was the same boy. It was.

I'll say little more about this boy, other than I dodged a huge freaking bullet by not ending up with him. But that's highly irrelevant to my point. My apologies for the vagueness when it comes to naming, but I can't see how it would really matter, to those of you who don't know the people personally. I would be happier to give as much detail as I can privately.

It doesn't sound like much from an outsider, but rest assured, the discovery of tiny thing after tiny thing really adds up. And sure, there are only 500 miles that separate these two connected cities, but that's far more than one could walk in a day. Unless one walked pretty darn fast. I think.

My theory lies in between both coincidence and of fate. I like to believe that everything is already decided, but decided in infite, so that there are still boundless choices where one could take themselves. For every choice, there is a fork in the road. Where your consciousness ends up, in the infinite, I would say has everything to do with which predestiny you choose to walk.

In that, I'd say that there is nothing odd with the ways in which all are connected. It's the fate you walked into, maybe.
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