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Because I'm Bored.

Hmmm. I had a thought. I have them often. I know it might not look like it, but just trust me. H'oakay. Individual, and group conciousness. Here's the thing. Individuals each have their own concious. But something interesting happens when you have groups of people. They glob together. You put two people in a room for a debate. Two people who are completely opposed to one another and one another's ideas, and they will argue. This is true. Multiply each one of those people by fifty, and you have a war. Unfortunately when you put large groups of people together, even though they have a general consensus about an idea, they will usually lose ninety percent of their brain power, turning the group into a rather mindless blob. And, it's tricky to break away from. A kind of unrelated example would be this. You go see a show on Broadway, or a theatre in any city, really. I digress. The crowd you have there has a huge affect on the performance itself. Because even though each person is sitting intheir individual seat, with their individual thoughts. Those thoughts DO create an energy, and so every in the theatre is absorbing everyone elses energy, and thus, their thoughts. It's completely subconcious. People are like bees. They swarm. They gather in groups. Our planet is like an anthill. Or several anthills. Not all of which agree with each other. When you are at a show, at the end, if someone stands up, another person is going to, and then five more people, and the number of people standing up at a time grows until everyone is standing. There might be the occasional strong-willed person who truly believes the performance was not worht a standing ovation, and they will remain sitting, but it doesn't happen often. Most people easily succumb to the power of a group conciousness.

Now, if groups of people can have a single mind, why not houses, or even neighbourhoods, or cities, even? Well, they probably do. And though you might not be able to hear or find out their opinions on anything, you can be sure that their energy is based on on spiritual imprints of the people who used to live in the house. I know that simply by living here, I am making a mark on this house. It would be impossible for me not to, with the kind of high-strung emotions I've dealt with here. I wonder how the conciousness of this house differs from that of the entire neighbourhood. I'd say not that much, as they feel similar to me.

So. The next time you see five people turn into a hundred, don't be surprised. And don't get anyone of them angry. They'll KILL you.
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